Well Completion Skid

Well completion skid (WCS) is supplied by Intera to Russian clients.

Design objective:

  • completion of two gas / gas condensate wells in the conditions of the Extreme North with minimum required scope of construction and assembly works applicable to field facilities construction;
  • to unify gas well pipeworks;
  • to reduce costs for arrangement of bases and foundations;
  • to reduce operational costs (cost of maintenance and repair);
  • to ensure environmental protection;
  • to extend equipment service life.

The WCS module provides the following:

  • transportation of produced gas from a well to a collecting header of a well cluster;
  • remote, automatic and manual control of a subsurface safety valve (SSSV), a head valve (HV), a wing valve (WV), an angular choke (control) valve (ACV), a flowline isolation valve, a flare valve;
  • measurement of flow, pressure and temperature of gas arriving from the well. Signals from instrumentation and control facilities (I&C) arrive into a system of automatic well cluster control;
  • automated measurement of parameters (pressure, temperature, density, speed, water hold-up) of gas-liquid flow without its separation into component fractions, calculation and indication of volume gas, condensate and water flow, sending measurement and calculation results to the system of automated well cluster control (in process of wells survey);
  • control of gas flow/pressure from the well;
  • measurement and control of hydrate inhibitor flow supplied to the well (signals from I&C facilities are connected into the system of automated well cluster control);
  • remote (from the operator’s panel) survey of wells with application of a stationary gas-liquid three-phase flow meter or a survey separator unit;
  • remote (from the operator’s panel) blowing of wells to a horizontal flare of gas well cluster, comprising an assembly of burners, a gas treatment facility, a remote ignition facility, a burning monitoring and control unit;
  • monitoring of mechanical inclusions discharge from the well (a sensor of mechanical inclusions discharge is connected into the system of automated well cluster control);
  • collection and processing of signals from sensors installed on the well and in the skid with subsequent data transfer, information exchange along a digital channel of data transfer into the system of automated well cluster control, reception of control signals from the system of automated well cluster control along a digital channel of data transfer.

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