Drilling Rig Accessories Well Completion Skid Flares and Burners Systems

Drilling Rig Accessories

Drilling rig accessories are some of the most commonly sourced equipment provided to Russian clients by Intera's procurement specialists. 

Equipment is available with API 4F or nationally recognized testing laboratory certifications. Intera performs construction supervision, quality control and project reporting.

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Well Completion Skid

Intera's teams of experienced engineers execute complex and challenging projects. We provide of design and manufacturing of Well Completion Skid (WCS) to Russian customers.  

WCS design objective: completion of two gas / gas condensate wells in the conditions of the Extreme North with minimum required scope of construction and assembly works applicable to field facilities construction; to unify gas well pipeworks;

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Flares and Burners Systems

Design and manufacturing of Flares and Burners Systems is one of  servises provided by Intera.

A smokeless flare sypplied by Intera ensures complete burning of gases and vapors from emergency discharge devices, routine blow-offs, regular and periodical discharge of gases and vapors at start-up, commissioning and process shut down.

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Intera’s Supplier Registry

This registry is for suppliers, contractors, and other organizations interested in Intera. Creating and updating your company profile is the best way to ensure Intera has current information about your company.


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About Intera


Intera specializes in supplying, manufacturing and servicing oil and gas field and drilling equipment, engineering and construction survey services, engineering of oil-gas metering facilities and process control systems..

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