Flares and Burners Systems

Vertical flares

A smokeless flare sypplied by Intera ensures complete burning of gases and vapors from emergency discharge devices, routine blow-offs, regular and periodical discharge of gases and vapors at start-up, commissioning and process shut down. Furthermore, the flare is maintenance-free and has low operating costs.

Combined flare tip

Combined flare tip for offshore oil platforms.

Horizontal burners

Horizontal burners are designed to burn purge gases, formation fluids in gas and gas condensate production wells with simultaneous thermal dehydration of their liquid phase, containing formation waters, condensate, corrosion inhibitor consumption, remains of drilling mud, flushing fluid, etc.). Both stationary and mobile burners have been designed and are delivered to clients to be also applied in gas fields with high hydrogen sulfide content in gas (up to 28% vol.) and ambient temperature from -60 to +40°.

Air burners

Air burners are designed to heat gas or heat carrier as part of heating units used in gas production and gas processing industries.

Nozzle type burners

Nozzle type burners are designed as a retrofit of manifold line gas pumping units by way of replacement of regular burners for the purpose to reduce hazardous NOx, Co emissions and specified flow of fuel gas, and also to even out the temperature field upstream the turbine nozzle block and to reduce vibration near the fuel header.

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